We are a 501c3 non-profit youth basketball organization in southeastern Wisconsin that prepares our youth in the classroom, community and on the court. Our players develop leadership skills while preparing for college and becoming a productive member of our society.

Our focus as an organization is to provide quality coaching, mentoring and opportunity while pursing either an academic or athletic scholarship.  The upcoming 2017-2018 school year we will be launching an academic mentoring program for all our Evolution players that may need assistance with their studies and preparing for college.  Our 2018 Spring & Summer season will be the launch of our recruiting platform that provides access to academic and athletic scholarship opportunities.


Basketball Programs

We have two main seasons: Winter and Spring & Summer.  Our Winter Season runs from November to March.  The Spring & Summer season is our most competitive season consisting of regional and national teams.  Our regional teams go from March to June while our national teams will go from March to July. Learn More


Academic Mentoring Program

We are preparing to roll out an academic mentoring program for all our Evo players!  We are looking to provide academic assistance for our players but this isn’t possible without the help of our community!  If your interested in helping our players prepare for college by having access to academic assistance you can click on this link to Learn More


Community Give Back

All our teams are required each season to donate a day back to a local charity.  This is such an important part of who we are at Evolution.  We want to challenge our players to understand as much focus as you put on the game of basketball, you need to apply the same amount toward academics and your community as well.  Visit our Community Page to see what our players did last year! Learn More


Recruiting Platform

Recruiting Program is for our high school players from our spring & summer teams.  Our players will have access to all relative information, statistics, contacts and much more on every college and university in the country!  Learn More



We are hosting our 2nd Annual Evo Camps this July 26 – 28 featuring Frank Kaminsky! Learn More



This September we are hosting our 2nd Annual Fall High School Prep Basketball League.  We are hosting this event now at the Pleasant Prairie Rec Plex to accomodate the growth from year one to year two and we are opening a Junior Varsity division.  This season we will have two divisions on both the boys and the girls sides. Learn More



This winter we will be expnding our tournament series which has seen significant grown because of our attention to officiating and accomodations.  Our fans, players and coaches deserve only the best experience at our tournaments!  Learn More

Nov 2018 – 2nd Fall Feeder Fest

Dec 2018 – Lake Michicagn Legends

Jan 2019 – 3rd Annual Winter Feeder Fest

Feb 2019 – Crossover Classic

Apr 2019 – Run & Gun

May 2019 – Midwest Select Showcase

Jun 2019 – Kings of the Court & Queens of the Court


Executive Staff

Jason Coker  |  President – Wisconsin Evolution  |  262.358.2761 |  jason@wisconsinevolution.com

Wisconsin Evolution Social Hub